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Herbal teas during pregnancy


Herbal teas prepared with officinal herbs contribute to our daily well-being and bring multiple benefits to the body and mind. Moreover, thanks to the properties and active ingredients within them, they naturally contribute to reducing some symptoms and minor annoyances related to certain ailments. Although they are recommended for all people in certain circumstances, such as pregnant, which are more delicate, it is necessary to be attentive and aware that not all principles can help.

During the gestation phase, women must pay particular attention to certain active ingredients that are not recommended during this period. Before taking herbal teas based on official plants, the advice is always to consult your trusted doctor for clear and safe indications.

In general, at this stage it is possible to drink some types of infusions and herbal teas, the important thing is to follow the indicated doses and not to make mixtures spontaneously without first consulting the doctor's advice.

Herbal teas recommended during pregnancy

Some officinal herbs such as lemon balm, chamomile, mallow or fennel can be taken while pregnant. These natural products offer valid benefits and help relieve minor annoyances that often occur in this period; digestive difficulties, water retention, nausea are the most common.

The lemon balm tea during pregnancy is useful in case of nausea, headache and difficulty sleeping. Among the relaxing herbal teas during pregnancy, the one with lemon balm is perfect for a moment of relaxation as it has a relaxing and calming action, especially if taken in the evening before bed.

Mallow tea during pregnancy is useful in case of digestive difficulties but also constipation and stagnation of liquids. Furthermore, if the first cold symptoms develop during gestation, mallow is useful in case of cough, it helps to dissolve the phlegm thus contributing to the well-being of the airways.

Chamomile tea during pregnancy is known for its mainly calming action and is useful for the well-being of the intestinal system, but not only. Even in the case of a cold that occurs during pregnancy, it is excellent for calming the first symptoms and making you feel better immediately. The Fennel Tea in pregnancy is also recommended, thanks to which you can bring benefits in case of digestive difficulties such as, for example, the sensation of bloating and the formation of intestinal gas.

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