A swollen belly is a problem that afflicts over half of the population of our country, but not only. Suffice it to say that only one in ten people suffer from it or could suffer from this problem. The causes can be many, which is why it is always advisable to follow a diet that can make you feel better. Unfortunately, the feeling of bloating in the belly is often confused with problems such as:
• meteorism;
• abdominal distension;
• hormonal problems.
But, almost always and at least in the vast majority of cases, the outcome concerns an incorrect eating habit that leads to this problem. The areas that are affected by the problem are usually those:
• epigastric;
• umbilicals;
• hypogastric;
• the right and left hypochondrium.
It is important to understand what are the real causes of our abdominal swelling. Well, one of these is the presence of abdominal gas.
What are abdominal gas and what are the causes of abdominal bloating?
Unfortunately, the discomfort caused by our swollen abdomen are often inherent to the gases present in our intestine, based on what we ingest, we will have the presence of some gases such as nitrogen, oxygen, hydrogen, carbon monoxide and methane, we are real and own time bombs. Here it is always good to avoid all foods that contain too much gas. Another reason, very frequent today, concerns anxiety. For those who find themselves going through periods of fear and anxiety, due to negative emotional states, it could increase the density of catecholamines and also of cortisol which are then released by the adrenal gland. Therefore, they will interact negatively on our intestine. As well as the excess air factor, this too often given by states of anxiety or by the moments in which we eat a meal and talk for too long, but eating quickly is also one of our enemies. We may be affected by irritable bowel syndrome, known as spastic colitis, involving the area of ​​the large intestine, or the colon. Finally, the most common cause of all is that of an unbalanced diet, which could lead us to excessive production and retention of intestinal gas. The main suspects for the sense of swelling are:
• poorly digestible meals, therefore too many fibers, fats, proteins;
• excess of carbonated drinks;
• excess of foods that contain air, such as packaged foods;
How can we get rid of abdominal bloating?
Let's see what are some suggestions that could help us in this. First of all, you must be careful to season, then avoid too much salt, so as not to encounter the reaction we know well: water retention. Because this retention also affects our abdomen. Here, as we have said, salt causes abdominal bloating, but foods such as tomato sauce and onion are also indicted. In fact, there is often the unpleasant sensation of an almost painful abdominal swelling immediately after meals.
A second remedy is to make sure to drink the classic two liters of water, this is because the water helps our body to purify itself of toxins, so as to avoid swelling and stagnation causing retention. They are very good, but fried foods should absolutely be avoided, since these foods usually need to be digested for a long time, thus causing a lot of heaviness and, in this way, will contribute to swelling the belly. To prevent this from happening, it is therefore advisable to avoid fried foods and make the choice of all foods with good fats, for which vegetables are perfect. But, do not confuse vegetables and legumes, because the latter lead to abdominal bloating. Above all, we mean:
• cauliflowers;
• cabbage;
• Brussels sprouts;
• chickpeas.
Better to limit the consumption, in order to avoid the unpleasant sensation of abdominal bloating with possible cramps and air.
What are some remedies to prevent abdominal bloating?

The other advice we want to give you concerns the natural remedy factor. How you do it? Very simple, they are basic rules that we should always follow in order to have a balanced diet and habits. It is certainly a good thing to be able to eat slowly, this helps to promote proper digestion, eating calmly and chewing slowly. It is very important to exercise in order to promote lymph circulation and eliminate any water retention. Exercise such as abdominals also helps a lot, so if done consistently, we can have a flat stomach. As we had mentioned, it is necessary to be able to limit the consumption of coffee and alcohol, given that all those who tend to often consume high quantities of coffee or alcoholic beverages are almost never aware that in the long run they could lead to their body an irritation of the intestinal tract, so it is better to replace with fresh water or herbal teas, fennel and ginger. Finally, it is an excellent habit to prepare fresh fruit and vegetable juices independently, smoothies without adding sugar or milk are also good. This can be considered as a good diet to be able to our body both in purification and for the elimination of swelling. Among the best foods we recommend cucumbers, celery, pineapple and carrots. By taking advantage of all these indications, we will be able to eliminate the problem of a swollen belly.