The question that many, astonished, ask themselves as soon as they hear the mention of snail slime cream is: "but is it made from snail slime?"; and the answer is YES.
How is it possible that this unusual ingredient could have such surprising properties? The explanation is actually very simple. Snail slime is nothing more than a protective shield produced by the animal to be able to move and slide easily, while protecting the body.
History of the snail slime
The most surprising thing is that this is by no means a recent discovery: already in ancient Greece, Hippocrates used snail slime to fight skin inflammations. However, snail slime saw the limelight around the 1980s in Chile, where it was realized that those who handled snails destined for the food market had soft skin. From that moment, the interest of numerous scholars and researchers, who, investigating its properties and effects on people's skin, came to create creams and gels capable of making the skin toned and giving it a fresh appearance.
The Benefits of Snail Slime on the Skin
Snail slime cream is an excellent choice for anyone suffering from skin blemishes such as acne. In fact, thanks to the combined action of allantoin, elastin, collagen and glycolic acid, it attenuates the signs of the disease. Snail slime is also a formidable ally against cellulite. Particularly suitable also for those who want to improve their appearance from scars and stretch marks because, by penetrating into the deeper layers of the skin, it strengthens the original vital functions making the streaks less visible.
And it doesn't end there, snail slime also reduces wrinkles and notorious crow's feet by renewing the skin and stimulating it to regain its vital functions. Finally, the snail slime cream is also used in case of skin redness such as too long exposure to the sun's rays, trauma or irritation.
Local Pride and Respect for the Environment
It must be remembered that no animals are mistreated in the production of this product. In fact, the collection of secretions takes place in a completely natural way: following the trail left by snails with procedures with zero environmental impact.
In addition, Italy has a great record in the production of this type of cosmetics, so much so that even at the Milan Expo there was a place for a young and innovative company that has decided to successfully relaunch snail farming for the production of natural cosmetics, in total respect of the environment using only and exclusively eco-sustainable production methods.