Medicinal herbs against insomnia
Waking up in the middle of the night means not being able to sleep anymore. Suffering from insomnia, where you turn around for hours and hours in bed, without finding peace, thinking about the day that is approaching or trying to count the "sheep", in a vain attempt to sleep, brings very severe mental and physical stress.
Medicinal herbs against insomnia are created to remedy the main stages of this "pathology", which develops due to stress or lack of melatonin production. The difficulty in falling asleep is easily treatable with medicinal herbs against insomnia.
The second stage is that of nocturnal awakenings that differ for brief moments of "semi-sleep", until the eyes are totally wide open. These are frequent problems even in children and where you can get help from medicinal herbs against insomnia.
The third stage, which many do not recognize as insomnia problems, is early awakening. In this case there is a problem of not sleeping enough hours and therefore the mind is always stressed. In the long term, speaking of just 2 months of early awakening, anxiety attacks and even poor concentration are created.
Herbal tea of ​​escolzia
A beautiful flower, which has very thin petals and a splendid color, and which also offers the possibility of a pleasant and pleasant herbal tea. The herbal tea is also useful because it manages to balance mood and sleep.
It is able to stimulate different mechanisms of the body, managing to propose a natural cure and with excellent results precisely on sleep problems. Why does escolzia herbal tea work so well? Because within it we find hypno-inducing substances that lead to drowsiness, but beware this is not a drug, but only a relaxation of the muscles and mind due to an increase in endorphins.
The herbal tea of ​​escolzia has an excellent relaxing effect, which is why we also recommend it for children so that they have a natural sleep without having an "induction" to sleep.
Passionflower herbal tea
The passion flower, known as passion flower, has a very sweet taste and a passion flower tea is exactly ideal for having a pleasant homeopathic cure to combat sleep. An excellent remedy that has always been known.
There are so many drugs that have been created with passionflower extracts. Passionflower herbal tea is also optimal because, thanks to its "aqueous" form, it contains only the active ingredients that belong to this flower. In any case, when the passionflower herbal tea can also be taken during the day in order to stimulate a natural sleep.
When you taste a passion flower herbal tea you will discover notes of delicate, floral and particularly sweet flavor that are welcome even by those with a very greedy palate.
Passionflower herbal tea is suitable for nocturnal awakenings because it offers a pleasant sensation of total relaxation.
Valerian herbal tea
Valerian is often used as a sedative and also as a "sleeping pill", but it is necessary to know that when preparing a valerian herbal tea, the roots of this plant must be present because it is in this part of the valerian that there is a large presence of different active principles.
A secret that not everyone knows, but that we know very well, is that the valerian tea could lose its effect if you take it every day. In fact, in this way our body gets used to this substance and therefore no longer has any effect.
At this point, when taking a valerian herbal tea, it must be drunk for a week and then suspended for another week, at which point it is taken again.