The world is full of plants that offer us the best solutions for many conditions.
Gallega, also known as goat rue, is one such miracle plant.
It has been used for medicinal purposes since ancient times and its benefits are numerous.
This article explains everything you need to know about the galega and its various uses.
What is the Galega?
The galega is scientifically known as Galega officinalis.
It is a perennial herb that can grow up to one and a half meters in height.
It is native to the Mediterranean countries and today it is cultivated in many parts of the world.
The galega is also known as goat rue, goat grass, goat grass, amor seco, sweet broom, thistle and scrap metal.
How does the Galega work?
Galega is an adaptogen, which means that it brings the body's systems back to homeostasis, or equilibrium.
It does this by increasing the body's regulatory systems and neurotransmitters.
Galega is able to carry out this balancing effect because it contains the active ingredients rosavin and rosin, which are alkaloids.
Benefits of the Galega
Anti-inflammatory properties
Antioxidant properties
Mild mood enhancing effect
Stimulating effects of metabolism
Antidiabetic and blood sugar rebalancing effects
Improves the health of the digestive system and intestines
Anti-anxiety and anti-insomnia effects
Anti-aging properties
Antimicrobial properties and can be used as an antibiotic
Improves vision health and can be used as a natural eye drop
Urinary health enhancer
Improve skin health
It can be used as a natural contraceptive
How is Galega used?
Goat rue is often used as a tea, tincture or infusion in oil.
Traditionally it is decocted, that is, boiled in water until the desired amount of liquid evaporates.
Once dried, goat rue can also be used in capsules.
Generally it is recommended to consume one or two cups of infusion a day, or 10-30 drops of tincture.
Side effects of Galega
While the positive effects of goat rue are numerous, there are also some possible side effects.
If you are allergic to ragweed, you may have an allergic reaction to goat rue.
If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, it is advisable not to take goat rue.
Gallega is known to cause diarrhea, nausea, headache and dry mouth.
If you take galega for long periods of time, you may experience a depletion of the levels of vitamins B6, C and E,
so it is advisable to supplement these vitamins if you decide to take galega for a prolonged period.
Is there anything else that can be done?
Although jail is known to be an excellent adaptogen and to balance hormone levels,
it is also possible to take some supplements that interact with the same systems of the galley.
If you want to balance your hormones, you can take the following supplements:
Vitamin B6 - This vitamin is critical for the production of serotonin and is found in many antidepressant medications.
Magnesium - Magnesium is important for the regulation of neurotransmitters and hormones. Many people are deficient in this mineral.
Zinc - This mineral is needed for the production of the hormone progesterone.
Vitamin D3 - This vitamin helps regulate the immune system and is required for hormonal regulation.
Fish Oil - This supplement contains fatty acids necessary for hormone regulation and helps fight inflammation.
Vitamin C - This vitamin is needed for the production of the stress hormone cortisol.
Vitamin E - This vitamin is needed to protect the body from oxidative stress.
Melatonin - It is a hormone needed to regulate the sleep cycle.
5-HTP - This amino acid is needed to produce serotonin, an important neurotransmitter for mood regulation.
Goat rue is an ancient herb that has been used for medicinal purposes since ancient times.
It has many benefits and can be used to solve a wide variety of problems.
This plant is an adaptogen and helps regulate hormones in the body.
It can be used to help with PMS, anxiety, insomnia, and more.
If you want to benefit from the extraordinary effects of delegation, be sure to consume it in the form of tea, tincture or capsules.
Avoid taking it if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, if you are allergic to ragweed or if you suffer from an autoimmune disorder.
While the benefits of goat rue are numerous, there are also some possible side effects.
With the right dosage and supplements, this plant can be a great addition to your daily health routine.