Medicinal herbs that cure cycle disorders
Menstrual pains are particularly annoying. Some women have only a severe stomach ache, others severe headaches, there are those who have dysmenorrhea, that is, with really "atrocious" pains and then there are women who have also been feverish.
A solution to these pains is offered by medicinal herbs that treat cycle disorders. An ancient culture and knowledge that is appreciated and we highly recommend.
There are also some drugs that are very good, but still attack our immune system. Medicinal herbs that treat cycle disorders are also easy to find and offer active ingredients and calming substances for the body in order to create a natural "reaction".
Medicinal herbs that cure cycle disorders are:
- Chaste tree
- Yarrow
- Chamomile
Some are known and others less, but they are really optimal medicinal herbs aimed at the treatment of widespread pains of menstruation.
Chaste tree herbal tea
The chaste tree leads to balancing hormones and therefore to regulating widespread pain as well as flow problems. The chaste tree herbal tea has essential oils, such as pinene and cineole, to which are added iridoid glycosides, alkaloids and flavonoids. All elements that. Just in a chaste tree tea, they become absolutely useful for the resolution of various annoyances.
It is better to specify that, precisely because of the delicacy of these active ingredients, it is also necessary that there is attention in the preparation of the chaste tree herbal tea and also in its purchase.
Not many are aware that when buying herbs for homeopathic use, there must also be attention to the shape of the herb, but what does this mean? If we buy those herbs in filter with finely ground herb, until it becomes dust, then we can forget precisely the sedative action. They will have been so damaged in shredding that they are practically almost useless.
A good chaste tree herbal tea must be made from leaves and purchased in an e-commerce that specializes in this herbal sector.
Yarrow herbal tea
Have you ever tasted an herbal tea with a floral taste, very fragrant and able to mix the sweet with a bitter taste that is very pleasant? Then try the yarrow tea.
An extremely tasty drink that is useful for the treatment of menstrual pain. In fact, the yarrow tea is also appreciated for women who suffer from premenstrual pain or who have very acute discomfort during menstruation.
In fact, its sedative action is completely natural. Through a series of active ingredients there is a relaxation of the stomach muscles and also of the urinary tract and uterus, which can give excellent results.
Think that in ancient times the yarrow tea was so used in common and traditional medicine that there were many convents that cultivated it to sell it or offer it to those women who needed it. Used to help relieve postpartum pain, it remains one of the most effective natural medicine methods in the world.
Chamomile tea
We all know chamomile, also because it is a drink that is part of the Italian tradition since, in many areas of Italy it grows spontaneously, we are talking about chamomile tea.
There are many varieties of this type of grass. The fresher it is, the lower the yellow color, but the active ingredients will be optimal. In some pharmacies and herbalists you can find more than a variety of chamomile tea.
Its flavor, always very sweet, makes it appreciated even among children for the treatment of early fevers or colds. It also remains one of the useful natural remedies for treating menstrual pains. Recommended for having a calming action, chamomile tea is also the one at a lower price than other herbs.