What is Peruvian Maca? Natural remedies are making a big comeback, for greater consumer awareness of their qualities and properties. Peruvian maca is a turnip that grows on the and. It has characteristics that make it part of a "superfood", that is, a super food.
Contains essential amino acids, mineral salts, such as calcium, iron, selenium, iodine, potassium, copper and zinc, but also vitamins A, E, C, B, combined with fiber and fatty acids. These properties are present in a high quantity and this is why Peruvian maca is becoming so famous.
Maca in the supermarket is also found in the form of herbal teas. Nevertheless it would be better to buy it dried or in herbal medicine, perhaps even in the form of tablets or supplements.
Obviously, knowing the benefits it is normal to ask: where can you buy maca? The good one, if we can say so, can be found on the internet in sites specialized in herbal medicine or in herbalists that are well supplied.
We emphasize that on the internet there is greater availability at affordable prices, so it is one of the "places" where it would be better to buy it in order to always have the product at hand.

The 10 reasons why it is recommended

A curiosity of this root or turnip of the Hips, is to be defined as: natural Viagra, but because it has always been used as an aphrodisiac. In reality, its particularities are aimed at a completely natural energizing support.
We list 10 benefits that it possesses, which are:
-Natural adaptogen
-Reduction of cortisol levels
-Increase spermatogenosis in man
- Premenstrual anti-inflammatory
- Relieves menstrual pain
- Natural anti-aging
- Affects good mood
In general, based on the medical studies carried out, it has been shown that maca is able to guarantee hormonal rebalancing support, from which its effects then derive. Not surprisingly, the supplement maca is recommended for menopausal women and men in andropause or who are starting to have sexual problems.
Some doctors also prescribe maca tablets for young people who suffer from erectile dysfunction or have erection problems. From here we can say that perhaps its fame as a natural viagra is born.
It must be said, however, that, always referring to the medical studies performed in 2020, we see that it is very useful as a prevention of tumor forms and has a neuroprotective action with a passive / active function. What does it mean? An example of how treatments based on maca tablets have been used for strategies to improve the functionality of neurons in the ophthalmology field. In practice it has been used for glaucoma therapies. So we are talking about a natural element of great importance.

Using Peruvian maca in everyday life

Given the evident beneficial properties of the "turnip of the Andes" it is good to use it, in recommended doses, we emphasize in recommended doses, every day. Better to prefer it in the form of:
- Maca powder
-Maca capsules
How come? Because it is possible to digest them more quickly since the parts that are difficult to digest are eliminated, such as the external rind or the hard part. Taking them together with water helps to have a fast digestion. The plant extracts are rapidly absorbed by the body and therefore it is possible to have an energizing element to the maximum.
The natural supplement maca could then have immediate effects in people suffering from depression or hormonal dysfunction. Nonetheless, even if it works optimally and we immediately have tangible results, one must think that there are side effects.
In the maca contraindications which are heartburn, increased agitation or being anxious. It has a stimulating action in subjects who are already hyperactive. It should never be used during pregnancy and breastfeeding, but it is also not recommended for use in adolescents. So we try to respect the doses that are recommended.