Plants that heal the liver
The liver is one of the most important organs in our body. It is a "maxi gland" that produces bile, which is essential for digestion, but which also retains the toxins that we ingest with food.
Precisely in consideration of its importance, we need to take care of it. Unfortunately, with the artificial foods that we currently consume continuously and which have a high low calorie value, here we can have liver pains that are unpleasant and also very acute.
To really get help, before undergoing medical treatment, we can also take advantage of remedies with plants that treat the liver.
There are many plants that treat the liver and that they have been used, in the medical field, to cure this problem even in the past, in ancient times. Some plants that heal the liver have such immediate effects that they have been declared real "magic potions".
The plants that treat the liver are basically 4, namely:
- Artichoke
- Dandelion
- Chicory
- Milk thistle
The latter is the one declared as the best because it has several characteristics that help stimulate the production of bile, detoxify the liver and relieve the resulting pain.
Natural remedies for liver care
The natural remedies for liver care can be those of taking milk thistle or artichoke in the form of food, which must not be very seasoned otherwise its effects are much slower, or through herbal teas. In fact, the herbal tea offers the possibility of having an immediate assumption of its properties.
The liver, being an internal organ, needs to have a direct cure to reach it. For this reason, taking good herbal teas, as natural remedies for liver care, help to purify it.
When we boil plants, leaves, flowers or even roots, they cook releasing all the intrinsic properties they possess and therefore not altering them so that they are intact when we take them. If we go to burn or fry them, then the internal molecules crumble and all its essential oils are totally lost.
Milk thistle herbal tea
Milk thistle herbal tea can be obtained with this fresh or dried plant or even using its extracts. There are also serums on sale, i.e. an extraction of its juice which is 100% pure and must be diluted in hot water.
With each movement, the milk thistle herbal tea offers a strong characteristic of "hepatoprotector", that is, it stimulates and regenerates the liver cells and therefore helps it not to age, but to always have a good function.
The "dead" cells of the liver are absorbed and disposed of quickly, any lesions that have been created heal very quickly, thanks to the cellular stimulation of the milk thistle herbal tea.
Particularly enlarged for people who suffer from hepatitis or who have an excessively fatty liver or liver damaged by drugs and diseases.
Artichoke herbal tea
It too is a plant used for the treatment of the liver, one of the oldest. Its leaves are used to have a purifying action for the liver. The artichoke herbal tea has a very particular flavor which is appreciated after a few minutes and which becomes particularly pleasant. Furthermore, its properties are absolutely unparalleled.
If you have difficult digestion, suffer from reflux or have a very high cholesterol level, she is able to help the liver produce more bile to solve these problems. The winning weapon of the artichoke herbal tea is precisely the stimulation of bile production as well as helping to relieve pain in the body which is particularly annoying.