The liver is a filter of the organism. One of the most important organs in the human body that allows you to have a defense against any toxins that can compromise the correct internal functions.
Unfortunately we mistreat it because we never pay attention to what we eat. Among other things, with all commercial foods, rich in preservatives and chemical elements, it sometimes becomes difficult to regulate one's nutrition and diet. However, once in a while, the liver should be purified to purify it, detoxify it and help it eliminate toxins.
It is true that one thinks of detoxifying the liver only when the excruciating pain begins or in any case it is clear that there are discomfort that originates from this organ.
In reality there are purifying herbs, to be used in the form of herbal tea or decoction, which can also be taken 3 times a week, preventing intoxication and inflammation of the liver. A good habit that is a soothing "balm" for this organ with a natural purification support that strengthens the use fibers.
Why prefer natural remedies
Medicinal herbs were the first forms of medicines used by man, but even today the drugs that are bought have natural extracts in large quantities.
If we have to buy natural-based medicines, why not prefer natural remedies to cleanse the liver? Through herbal teas or decoctions, they will stimulate cell regeneration and the exchange of water in this organ in a completely natural way. Its life cycle remains unchanged, but so that the liver cleanse is speeded up.

Herbs "detoxifying" and "anti-inflammatory" for the liver
We are talking about purifying herbs that have immediate actions with a soothing effect. When you have abnormal functions in the liver, it makes its "voice" heard, in the sense that you have stabbing and excruciating pain. The malaise lasts all day and gets worse after meals.
So you understand when you have problems that are addressed to this body. Except that if the pains are very strong then there is inflammation and you have to go to a cure to detoxify the liver. To give a simple example, it is as if the liver has been poisoned and consequently defends itself, but with an inflammation effect that is painful.
One of the best remedies is dandelion which is a medicinal herb that falls into the "bitter" category. The internal properties are useful for stimulating the elimination of toxins and the production of bile which allows for a quick effect to purify the liver. The advice is to take it in the form of herbal tea or infusion. Water helps speed up the absorption of bitter substances for a quick benefit.
Another herb that is really important to cleanse the liver is milk thistle. It can be used in a concentrated form, that is, using a little water by combining a good amount of milk thistle. You have to boil and then you can take it. This natural remedy has direct benefits to the functions of the liver. Inside we find silymarin, which in addition to being soothing, has a protective and immunostimulating action.
The artichoke also has an anti-inflammatory action for the liver and is therefore a highly recommended remedy.

Prevent and intervene in the first illnesses
If you are wondering how to cleanse the liver? Then herbs that are targeted to cleanse the liver are recommended, such as:
- Barley grass
- Birch lymph
- Aloe vera

They are also taken after meals, perhaps once a week to prevent inflammation, but also to help the liver have antitoxin functions. Therefore, to purify the liver herbal remedies we find many natural remedies that can be used as an impact cure, as a preventive cure and as a support or aid to stimulate the functions of this filter gland in the body.