Chia seeds are obtained from Salvia Hispanica which grows mainly in Latin America. They are still little known in Europe because they were only admitted to the European market in 2009. It is interesting to note that although Chia was introduced in Europe by the conquistadors as early as the sixteenth century, and that although it has found a favorable environment for growth under the sun. Spanish, we have forgotten about it, to the advantage of other plants introduced from the New World.
The Properties and Benefits of Chia Seeds
Chia seeds are rich in calcium and omega 3. In particular, it is interesting to note that the calcium content of Chia seeds is even 5 times higher than that of milk. The percentage of omega 3 is also very high: just think that in a quantity of 100 grams of seeds there are 20 grams of omega 3, or twenty percent. These two figures alone would be enough to make Chia an extraordinary food, but in reality there is much more. The content of iron, potassium and vitamin C is very high: the quantity of vitamin C is 7 times higher than that contained in oranges; potassium is double that of bananas, and iron is even triple that of spinach. Finally, selenium, zinc, magnesium and amino acids should not be underestimated.
With their action of controlling the blood sugar level, Chia Seeds have the effect of controlling weight gain. They also improve circulation and reduce the percentage of bad cholesterol present in the arteries. Chia intake is ideal for everyone as they do not contain any traces of gluten and are therefore also suitable for celiacs or those suffering from gluten intolerance. Even those suffering from diabetes can use Chia Seeds because they have a very low glycemic index.
In every 15 grams of Chia Seeds, 70 calories are contained there are no simple sugars or cholesterol. Regarding the quantity to be taken daily, it must be said that it is good not to overdo it in order not to have side effects, such as swelling and cramps of the intestine caused by the strong absorption of water. Particular attention for all those who suffer from hypotension or who take drugs as Chia Seeds can cause a lowering of blood pressure.
Where Do Chia Seeds Come From?
Chia or Salvia Hispanica seeds grown in Mexico and Bolivia are in most cases from companies that follow all the parameters of fair trade at their locations. This is therefore another excellent reason to give your support to all those farmers who have chosen to use techniques that respect the environment and the health of people and animals.
Like many other natural ingredients, Chia seeds should also be added to a healthy and balanced diet, their beneficial effects are many and regular use can really improve the body's physical health.