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Guar seeds powder

Guar seeds powder
Guar seeds powder
Guar seeds powder
Guar seeds powder
Guar seeds powder
Guar seeds powder
Guar seeds powder
Guar seeds powder
Guar seeds powder

Guar seeds powder
A food rich in fiber and not only is the guar seeds in powder where we find a series of elements that are gelling and thickening. In fact, according to the estimates that have selected the three components of this herbal product, we find a thickening strength superior to corn starch.
Inside that is a good amount of polymers and mannose and galactose. Semi powder guar is often used in the food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, textile and even tobacco industries. In the end we also know it as a rubbery property, which still manages to have a high digestive action.
To date, semi powdered guar is also widely used by consumers to create various recipes. Yogurt or cereals contain this powder. Vegetarian or vegan puddings have this food inside.
In the end, its thickening qualities are comparable to isinglass and cornstarch. So its properties are many as well as its uses. In the end it is a flour, if we can define it that way, totally vegan, but with large amounts of fiber and is highly energizing.
Guar seeds beneficial
Those who suffer from food intolerance problems, who are celiac or gluten intolerant, still need to have foods that are hypoglycemic or have a different type of fiber. Your blood sugar must still be controlled by what you eat.
Guar semi-benefits aimed at people who have these serious problems of food intolerances. Furthermore, we can highlight that there is a good action in reducing bad cholesterol. Guar semi-beneficial aimed precisely at stimulating the presence of good cholesterol and therefore limiting cardiovascular and atherosclerotic pathologies.
Anyone who wishes to have a healthy life, with good nutrition, should start turning to a different diet where this flour is used a lot.
Are these only the semi beneficial guar? Although they are important, we point out that guar regulates intestinal functions and also increases the bacterial flora. It fights both irritable bowel and gastric reflux problems, one of the diseases that are currently in vogue.
At this point it is good to start thinking about buying this flour.
Guar seeds powder preparation
Guar is factory processed from dried seeds which are then ground to powder to make flour that is easy to use. However, guar semi powder preparation for recipes, for food use, is one of the main uses that is affecting consumers, especially celiacs and those who are intolerant to gluten.
As for the guar semi powder preparation for recipes we find an excellent use in the preparation of biscuits, muffins, cakes and bread. In this case the dough is still soft and fragrant.
In the same way, it can also be used for thickening stews, soups, gravies and also for other sauces to be poured on pasta or meat.
Guar powder for sale
It must be said that guar powder on sale in organic shops and pharmacies, which have specific departments for these foods, cost between 6 and 8 euros per pound. This already means that there will be a substantial expense to buy a good amount that can then be used in recipes.
At this point, if you still want to try it or want to change your diet, then the guar powder for sale on the internet is the one that offers the lowest prices around 5 euros per hectogram, but there are also websites that specialize in the sale of "Quantity" that can lead to a limited expense, but with a good quality of the flour. Semi-powdered guar
Other names
cyanoposis tetragonalba
They give a sense of satiety by decreasing the appetite, without any caloric intake.
They are used in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic and food fields for
the thickening and suspending properties.
2-3 grams of flour one to two hours before main meals.
Pack of  100 - 500 grams
The product is COMPLETELY NATURAL and GMO FREE. The residue is not edible.
Erbologica offers traditionally grown herbs and guaranteed and certified wild herbs
Only safe and effective products.
Before being placed on the market, the products must pass a careful analysis of microbiology, pesticides, heavy metals, radioactivity and aflatoxins. Once all these tests have been carried out, the products pass our quality control and are marketed.
N.B. The product can also be consumed cold and maintains its properties unchanged.

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