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Dyeing Herbs


Dyeing herbs are the natural alternative solution compared to the chemical dyes used to color and reflect our hair. These natural hair dyes are prepared starting from the powders extracted from the roots and leaves of dyeing plants that contain the pigment necessary for coloring.

The greatest advantage of using vegetable hair dyes is certainly their 100% natural essence which does not damage the hair following application. On the contrary, using a dye herbal tint helps to give natural hair colors and at the same time strengthen them thanks to the properties of these herbs.

Furthermore, natural hair dyes are not aggressive on the hair and pose no risk to our health. In fact, chemical-free hair dyes perform their action in a much more delicate, decisive and strengthening way for the structure of the hair itself, which becomes stronger, healthier, softer and shinier after a few uses.

This ability not to damage the hair is related to the mode of action of vegetable hair dyes, which color without penetrating inside the hair shaft, but are applied tone-on-tone, thickening and strengthening the hair and of course the color.

Each dyeing herb has its own characteristics and therefore before applying them it is good to know their composition and properties. This is mainly because each hair reacts differently to the herbal dye. Among the best known dyeing herbs, discover Red Henna to obtain a characteristic coppery red color, warmer and more orange on light hair, more intense on dark hair. Or discover Campeggio Legno which gives the hair a light amber shade, but when mixed with other herbal powders, such as red henna, it gives red, purple, blue and gray reflections and perfectly covers white hair, for an evident and rather long lasting.

Choosing the right dyeing plant you will be satisfied with the result obtained. You will see hair more lively, rich in natural reflections, stronger and above all healthier. On Erbologica you can find a selection of dyeing herbs with which to make perfect natural hair dyes. And, if you want to innovate the color, you can choose between natural highlights for light and dark hair and create locks with reflections that suit you best.

Brand: erbologica amazonas andes Model: alca-rad-100
Alcanna root herb dyeingPropertyRoot dyePreparationIt comes in as a harmless dye for oils, toothpastes, salves and ointments.It is used as a purplish red dye that is used to color food products,sweets, liqueurs, syrups.Excellent hair dye produces a mahogany red color.100% naturalPacks of 100-500-100..
Brand: erbologica amazonas andes Model: bixor-200
Bixa orellana whole seedsBenefitsthey treat respiratory diseases such as bronchitis, expectorants, food coloring,cosmetics and textile fibers.PreparationA teaspoon in 200 ml boiling water, turn off the heat, leave to infuse for 5 minutesdrink one cup a day.Ingredients: bixa orellana whole seeds, com..
Brand: erbologica amazonas andes Model: rob-rad-100
Madder root dyeing herbal tea cutNatural red dyeIt is used as a natural dye of fabrics, preparation of red lacquers for use as a pigment in the fine arts.How to use itFor the dyeing of fabrics use the same quantity of roots per weight, ratio 1 to 1, if they are 500 grams of yarn use 500 grams of roo..
Brand: erbologica amazonas andes Model: henr500-RE
Natural red hennaWho says that the herbal world only poses and proposes certain uses for health? Well, again for beauty care, where there are many herbs that help and prevent aging, here we are talking about red henna.What is this red henna? It is a plant that has "dyeing" properties that are "momen..
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