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Medicinal herbs

Medicinal herbs or herbs have been known since ancient times. They are defined as "medicinal plants" by the World Health Organization (WHO) because they contain substances that can be used for therapeutic purposes or for the preparation of drugs. These medical herbs are rich in nutrients and active ingredients that are of great help to our body.

In addition to this, officinalis herbs are also used in the kitchen as spices and aromas, excellent for flavoring any type of dish. Furthermore, with medicinal plants you can prepare herbal teas, liqueurs and bitters, add them in cosmetics and household cleaning products. Medicinal herbs are many, each has beneficial properties and offers a valid therapeutic aid.

Aromatic and medicinal plants can be found both fresh and dried, in both cases they have appreciable characteristics. When fresh, healing plants have a higher concentration of lymph useful for skin rejuvenation, while if they are dried they contain a high concentration of active ingredients, essential oils and vitamins. Healing herbs for herbal teas are used at home on a daily basis, thanks to the natural remedies that have been handed down from generation to generation. The medicinal plants with which the herbal teas are prepared can also be mixed together, obtaining a product with excellent benefits and properties.

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BENEFITS:Acacia flowers and leaves are very useful elements for making herbal teas, also excellent for fighting colds and phlegm. In fact, the herbal tea acacia is also a drink that can guarantee a valid help for the first flu symptoms.A good herbal tea based on Acacia offers an excellent natural he..
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BENEFITS:The flowering tops of the agrimony are distinguished by the "serrated" leaves and pointed flowers colored in an intense yellow. Agrimony grows in the temperate climate of the Mediterranean scrub, known since ancient times for its purifying properties.This natural pain reliever is characteri..
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Alchemilla herbal tea  plants Other names: starry grass, alchemilla vulgarisPreparation:4 grams in 100 ml of boiling water, let stand 5 minutes, drink 2 cups a day.The decoction, 5 grams in 100 of water is useful for inflammation of the lower abdomen.External use: irrigations with decoctio..
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Arnica montana flowers herbal teaAn adorable mountain flower, which today has also spread to our Mediterranean scrub, is Arnica. Native to South America, it is also a herb widely used in traditional medicine.Arnica montana flowers herbal tea has a taste that is a perfect combination of bitter and fl..
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Asparagus root herbal teaOther names: Asparagus officinalisPreparation of the herbal tea: a teaspoon in 200 ml of boiling water, drink 2 cups a day, between meals.How to prepare compound asparagus syrup:100 grams of asparagus root 100 grams of fennel root 100 grams of parsley root100 grams of celery..
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Asperula odorosa herbal tea It is a medicinal plant with remarkable phytotherapeutic properties and thanks to its particular composition it has diuretic, purifying, detoxifying, antiseptic, tonic and cholagogue, but also decongestant and sedative properties.The Asperula infusion can be prepared..
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Boldo leaves herbal teaOther names: PeumusPreparation of the herbal tea:3 grams in 100 of water, two cups a day.Contraindications:Do not use in case of biliary strictures.Content: 100 - 500 - 1000 grams of boldo in herbal tea leavesBrand: Erbologica amazonas andes..
Brand: erbologica amazonas andes Model: bard-100
Burdock rootBENEFITS:Burdock root is rich in active ingredients, especially flavonoids, it is suitable for those who suffer from diabetes or who have very high blood sugar. Burdock (Arctium lappa) has particular shapes, especially its root, and is very similar to the Mandrake.Burdock root is a valua..
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Carvi seeds is the Italian expression for "caraway seeds" in English.Caraway seeds are the seeds produced by the Carum carvi plant, which are used as a spice in cooking and also have some potential medicinal properties.As mentioned above, caraway seeds have a distinctive flavor similar to that of an..
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Centaurea herbal tea plantA flower that is very pretty and delicate to look at, but also good to "drink", is the Centaurea herbal tea plant. In fact, when we talk about a herbal tea that is floral, with a delicate but still sour flavor, without exceeding in taste, the Centaurea herbal tea is definit..
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Gotu kola herbal teaA very particular drink, which is a herb often used in oriental medicine, is characterized precisely by the Asian centella herbal tea. There are green colors of different intensities which change according to the harvest period, but also according to the drying process.The greate..
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Chamomile herbal teaChamomile is one of the most popular herbs when it comes to relaxing herbal teas and infusions.Known for its calming and soothing properties, chamomile herbal tea has become a relaxation elixir par excellence.In this article, we will explore the history, health benefits, and scie..
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