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Spice sesame seeds 500 grams

Spice sesame seeds 500 grams
Spice sesame seeds 500 grams
Spice sesame seeds 500 grams
Spice sesame seeds 500 grams
Spice sesame seeds 500 grams
Spice sesame seeds 500 grams
Spice sesame seeds 500 grams
Spice sesame seeds 500 grams
Spice sesame seeds 500 grams

Spice sesame seeds

The increasing attention to what we eat is making us notice the differences we have in the functions of our body. In reality, humans, who are omnivores, should still concentrate their diet on plant foods. In the end, vegetarians did not make a wrong choice, but it is always necessary to have a good balance of the foods we ingest.

One of the best products on the market are sesame seeds, in the sense that it is one of the most widely used spices in cooking. Sesame seeds, spices useful for flavoring some types of meat, also to create sauces to whisk pasta, but it can also be eaten alone.

The spice sesame seeds have a very mild flavor, which is similar to the toasted flavor, but where there is a taste similar to dry biscuits. Precisely for this reason children particularly like it.

Spice sesame seeds are also becoming widely used in the creation of bread, pasta and even biscuits, staying true to the organic flavor, but also offering many absolutely unique properties.

Benefits of sesame seeds

The characteristics and benefits of sesame seeds are that of having large quantities of minerals and also many energy supplies that are not "compound", but simple. This allows them not to become fat, because they are disposed of immediately.

Our body allows us to immediately have an energy supply, but if it is not consumed, however, the sesame is disposed of in another way, precisely because the internal lipid stores are simple.

Those who suffer from anemia or who have a strong scarcity of platelet production in the blood, derive the greatest benefits of sesame seeds since within it we find a good presence of iron, selenium and magnesium.

Also having the presence of a completely vegetable oil, its absorption is immediate. This also allows for an absolutely fast digestion facility. People who may suffer from reflux are absolutely not disturbed by its structure.

This means that the benefits of sesame seeds help many users and people. For children there is also a large presence of phosphorus which allows for a robust and compact bone development. While, again through the presence of potassium, prevention is offered for osteoporosis, so the benefits of sesame seeds are 360 ​​° to help in an age group from 4 to 90 years.

How to use sesame seeds

How to use sesame seeds? There are many recipes, including traditional ones, where we find this spice both cooked independently, and as a garnish for some sauce. It is often used in bread systems or even on external surfaces, giving an extra flavor, but be careful that in the end you have to think about what are actually the benefits you want to have.

Using the fresh product in a mixture or boiling it can guarantee a large quantity of active ingredients. The cooking takes place together with the food, so it also has a different aroma.

However, for how to use sesame seeds, it is also possible to toast it, in order to have a greater presence of oil and aroma, to be used also in the preparation of desserts such as crunchy or nougat.

Sesame seeds for sale

Sesame seeds for direct sale to the small consumer, we often find them for sale in drugstores and herbalists, but the prices can be quite expensive.

In these environments it is also possible to evaluate the quality of the product, perhaps noting the freshness, but attention must be paid to conservation because they can easily develop mold.

While, selling sesame seeds online, offers a product that is controlled and well preserved, at an absolutely affordable price

Pack of 500 grams