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Whole roasted hazelnuts 500 grams

Whole roasted hazelnuts 500 grams
Whole roasted hazelnuts 500 grams
Whole roasted hazelnuts 500 grams
Whole roasted hazelnuts 500 grams
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Whole roasted hazelnuts 500 grams
Whole roasted hazelnuts 500 grams
Whole roasted hazelnuts 500 grams
Whole roasted hazelnuts 500 grams
Whole roasted hazelnuts 500 grams

Toasted hazelnuts

Dried fruits have different nutritional values ​​when they are fresh, when they are dried and when they are toasted. The difference is also that of having a different calorie load. When fruit loses the water it contains, vitamins and minerals come out, but calories also increase.

In any case, toasted hazelnuts are a dried fruit that manages to guarantee a great aroma and an intense flavor, but precisely because they are "cooked". In the recipes of chocolate creams, in those that are of high quality, it is noted that there is a large presence of hazelnut oils that are extracted directly from toasted hazelnuts.

However, we must say that even when the hazelnuts are toasted they allow for a long shelf life. We can also freeze them and then put them in the oven to have them fragrant and crunchy again.

One way to eat them is to toast them and combine them with breakfast, along with cereals.

Toasted hazelnuts how to use them

Surely how to use roasted hazelnuts in the kitchen is the first question that arises when we go to buy this dried fruit. It is true that there are hundreds and hundreds of recipes that allow you to enhance the dishes and enrich the recipes that include them, but its use can also be in the field of beauty.

How to use roasted hazelnuts and why use them to make beauty masks or even to make scrubs for skin cleansing? Well let's evaluate the possibilities and also what the uses are actually.

For beauty masks we note that toasted hazelnuts are able to release many essential oils which are very useful for reducing wrinkles, even those of expression, increase blood circulation and help to have an excellent softness of the epidermis. To make this cream, simply blend the toasted hazelnuts and add some milk or olive oil. This keeps the mixture very soft and easy to spread. We can keep the mask on for over 10 minutes, in order to have total absorption of essential oils and also vitamins, in particular vitamin E, which helps the skin.

We can also create a scrub against acne and to eliminate pimples or blackheads with toasted hazelnuts. In fact it is chopped in order to create a grain. At this point the face is moistened and then the grain is passed over the face, "scratching" away the dead cells and blackheads.

Roasted hazelnuts recipe

For the easy recipe toasted hazelnuts we propose:

- Pesto with hazelnuts

- Bread and hazelnuts

- Chopped hazelnuts for gratin vegetables

- Pasta with mushrooms, cream and hazelnuts

We explain the roasted hazelnuts recipe with pesto which is perhaps the best, simplest, easiest and fastest one. Obviously you need fresh basil, at least 200 grams, oil, parmesan, salt and hazelnuts, and blend the pesto to make a creamy cream, but you also add oil and parmesan. The oil is poured as desired. Once you have the pesto, we also chop the hazelnuts in the middle, but chop coarsely to get an excellent aroma. At this point it is only necessary to season the white pasta.

Roasted hazelnuts for sale

The important thing when buying dried fruit is to always have a good freshness of the product. For this reason we must therefore say that roasted hazelnuts for sale in supermarkets or in foodstuffs do not have a good quality.

Better to contact herbalists or even organic shops that offer roasted hazelnuts for sale. Alternatively, the internet is always the best choice because there are several direct crops that then offer them for sale.

Italian whole round hazelnuts are excellent in many sweet and savory recipes, they are also a tasty snack,

to break hunger, ideal at any time of the day!

Ingredients: whole roasted Italian hazelnuts

Format of 500 grams

Nutritional values

Nutritional label for 100 g of toasted hazelnuts

Energy value (calories) 646kcal

Protein 15.03g

Carbohydrates 17,6g


Fat 62.4g

saturated 4,511g

monounsaturated 46,608g

polyunsaturated 8,463g


Dietary fiber 9.4g



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