The Devil's Claw is a climbing plant also known as the Harpagophytum (Harpagophytum procumbens). The name derives from the four hard and long appendages that surround its fruits which, equipped with robust hooks, penetrate the paws of some animals and cause severe pain; since they are difficult to remove, they force the unfortunate animal into a "devilish" dance.
In herbal medicine, the lateral growths of the root are used to relieve pain. These contain high concentrations of active ingredients, sugars, amino acids, sterols, fats, analgesics and relaxants of muscles and limbs. For this reason, the Devil's Claw is particularly effective against pain and inflammation such as tendonitis, back pain, neck pain, arthritis and fever.
There are creams to be applied on painful areas but also food supplements.
The Solution to Back Pain
The causes of back pain are different. There is seasonal back pain, caused by the change in temperature; there are those of rheumatic origin and there are others that come from neglected pathologies such as scoliosis and which occur following a wrong movement or a gust of wind.
The Devil's Claw is a natural remedy for these pains, obviously it must be used wisely, and in any case always and only after asking your doctor for advice, as incorrect use could cause unwanted effects.
The Devil's Claw is available in herbal medicine in various forms: roots, creams or gels, but also in tablets. In the specific case of back pain, it is better to choose a Devil's Claw-based cream or gel to spread on the affected areas. In this way, the active ingredient will be deposited directly on the parts affected by the pain, relieving it and promoting rapid healing. The reason why the Devil's Claw works seems to be related to its properties, similar to those of cortisone, but without the side effects of the latter.
In addition to creams and supplements, it is possible to prepare decoctions based on Devil's Claw root at home, simply by infusing one or two tablespoons of chopped root in a cup of boiling water for a few hours. To drink two or three times a day.
The Devil's Claw Against Muscle Pain for Sportsmen
The Devil's Claw is also a good remedy for athletes in case of bruises, tears and joint inflammation. Even after a period of inactivity when the muscles are stressed again, the claw helps relieve pain. Also in these cases the indications are the same as described above for use with back pain; then choose a cream or gel to apply on the affected part. Furthermore, a good advice for all those who do very intense physical activity, not only for those who play sports but also for those who have a very tiring job, is to add Devil's Claw based supplements to their diet, in so doing. the possibility of suffering muscle discomfort is reduced, preventing its formation in the bud. Of course, it is always good to ask your doctor or dietician for advice before starting a new diet.