In winter, when the cold is pretty intense, chilblains develop on the hands and feet, which show the stars. Don't you know what chilblains are? Perhaps because you have suffered without delving into what the cause was and the treatments to be done.
Let's see what chilblains are first because we can all develop them. There is talk of soft tissue injuries, particularly present on the hands and feet. The reaction occurs due to "micro freezes" in the microcirculatory system. In some ways they are a sort of concentrated "hypothermia" that affects the blood vessels in the soft tissues.
Then there are some “deformed” bulges, of a red color, which are really very painful. If they are not treated, the skin and muscles are torn to create small wounds and scabs that can also become infected.
Among the discomfort found in chilblains on the hands is the inability to move the fingers or in any case to have them numb. This happens because the blood has difficulty circulating and the bulges prevent you from moving your fingers. In chilblains on the feet, the situation is worse because, in themselves, they hurt, but then there is the weight of the body, there is great difficulty in walking or standing.

Natural cures and remedies for chilblains, differences

Ever listened to your grandparents who said that to make chilblains "disappear" you just need to rub some rosemary? There are many natural remedies for the treatment of chilblains on the hands and for chilblains on the feet, but you must recognize the real ones from the fake ones.
The methods of how to treat chilblains are divided into those that intervene on mild forms, such as early redness and small pains, from interventions for chilblains that are in a severe phase, that is, there is a swelling with laceration of the epidermis.
To intervene on chilblains that have just appeared
Chilblains on the hands, as well as chilblains on the feet, begin with the presence of patches that are reddish and painful. If they touch or squeeze it is normal for the pain to increase and this is a demonstration that they are starting to block the microcirculatory system.
Intervening at this time is a perfect action to prevent the swelling that causes damage and injury to the internal tissues. How to cure chilblains? In this first phase it is possible to use:
-Cayenne pepper
- White hemp
How are they used? In the meantime, it is good to use them independently, that is, single. Cayenne pepper can be rubbed with a little water directly on the chilblain. It is rubbed with a wave motion to stimulate circulation and dilate the veins so that the tissues react immediately to the injury. The same happens with white turnip, a slice, and with horseradish.

How to cure chilblains in an advanced state

Let's move on to the real chill, the swollen, painful one that makes you see the stars. They do not let it rest even during the night because the circulation in the body is continuous. These pains in fact disturb even sleep and consequently it is necessary to intervene for chilblains effective natural remedies.
Here you can use a cream for chilblains with natural extracts based on specific herbs that must be rich in tannins, resins, essential oils and decongestants. The cream for chilblains with these extracts can be found on the internet or in herbal medicine.
However, if you want effective natural chilblains remedies to do at home, then use compresses to do with:
They must be crushed or ground, in order to let the essential oils escape. The pack is then placed on the chilblain and left on for 20 minutes, perhaps help yourself with bandages to keep everything still.