Herb of the month: beneficial pine buds
each month has its own plant, herb, flower or fruit that distinguishes it because it is precisely the element that is ripening or that it is recommended to use. The seasons are able to give many different types of vegetation, some of which are medicinal, medical and curative plants, to be used at home.
Preventing influences or lowering of the immune system is possible directly with herbal teas from which there are many extracts of essential oils that are actually able to stimulate the production of some hormones and enzymes.
Being in spring, where there are so many buds and tree awakenings, we see that the grass of the month: beneficial pine buds!
Pine is a tree that has many properties, especially expectorants against phlegm, but the pine buds have useful benefits both on the lung, respiratory and digestive levels.
What are pine buds?
What is the thought if we ask you: what are pine buds? Many immediately think of the pine cone and on the one hand it is true. Others instead imagine the resin buds of the bark or branches, but even in this case they are wrong. It is not even the twigs or the needles of the pine, the leaves that distinguish this tree.
So what are pine buds? They are the germination of the pine cone, that is the part that is fruiting and which will then become the pine cone. Being just born, they contain a large amount of resins and essential oils and are really very valuable for the use of syrups, candies and herbal teas.
Properties of pine buds
In general, pine is a beneficial plant in all its parts, but the properties of pine buds are particularly appreciated because they have an immediate impact on the body and allow for excellent remedies for colds, bronchitis, pneumonia, for sore throats. or due to the presence of plaques.
The properties of pine buds are expectorant and balsamic. They help you breathe better and dissolve phlegm as well as fight infections that arise due to external viruses and bacteria. The balsamic action is perfect when you have asthma or bronchitis problems.
It is also an excellent digestive that offers a diuretic action to purify the body. To be used even when you have severe stomach pain due to the presence of bacteria, parasites or due to reflux.
How to prepare a good infused herbal tea
Pine buds have a lot of essential oils and resins. Elements which, however, are very sensitive to excessive heat and therefore there is a way to prepare a good infused herbal tea. Indeed it is advisable to follow it if your goal is to have all the active ingredients and beneficial properties of this herbal product.
The only way to prepare a good infused herbal tea is by infusing it, that is, pour boiling water over the product and let it cool. In this way it is possible to have a slow and continuous release of the resins and essential oils. The scent and aroma they give off are balsamic and recommended when you want a calming effect on the respiratory tracts that are irritated or inflamed.
Contraindications and side effects
On the one hand we see that pine buds are very useful, in fact they are still widely used in the pharmaceutical world, but on the other hand it is necessary to know that there are contraindications and effects
collateral. After all, you should never abuse foods that still have many essential oils inside.
The contraindications and side effects are to be laxative, cause lowering of pressure or stomach acid, but only when used in excessive doses. Therefore always follow what is recommended and written on the product packaging