Licorice herbal tea

Licorice has excellent effects on intestinal problems. We are not talking about licorice candies which are very artificial and full of sugar, but we prefer to talk about the licorice plant which offers so many benefits.

A good licorice tea offers a very pleasant flavor, particularly appreciated by adults who can taste a "tasty" drink. There are also many active and passive effects that concern the licorice herbal tea, namely that of having certain effects to solve pain or intestinal problems, but it also offers the possibility to calm the cough and also helps the intestinal flora to restore the its normal balance.

We want to emphasize that licorice herbal tea has a really very pleasant taste and is also unique in its kind. In fact, in no other blend of herbs or even single herbs, you could find an equal flavor. We also recommend it as an herbal tea to drink to relax.

Herbal tea with buckthorn

A plant that offers different solutions to the many intestinal problems that you have is proposed by the buckthorn. The herbal tea with buckthorn is of two types. Buckthorn herbal tea can be prepared from the bark, where there are active ingredients that are useful for fighting any infections of the stomach walls which then also created an extension of the infection to the intestine and urinary tract. Alternatively, the buckthorn herbal tea with its fruits, that is the berries it produces, lead to a laxative and purifying action.

There is also the possibility of having a buckthorn herbal tea with both two parts of the plant.