Medicinal herbs that strengthen the immune system
The immune system is the only defense you have to protect yourself from bacteria and pathogenic microorganisms that then develop infections, fevers and weakening of the internal organs. Except that we cannot rely on drugs and medicines which then hide so many side effects.
Our body is perfect, but sometimes it must be stimulated in the production of white blood cells and in increasing the enzymes that allow for a good defense. This is why medicinal herbs that strengthen the immune system are a solution to consider.
We think that medicinal herbs that strengthen the immune system are already used by the ancient Romans who knew their properties and were able to have good health or cure various ailments.
Reishi powder
The first herb, which is actually a mushroom, is known as the: miracle mushroom. Reishi is a mushroom that grows on oaks and chestnuts. It contains active ingredients that are immunostimulants and proteins that increase the presence of anti-allergic elements in our body. According to some studies carried out in recent years, its curative power has been shown even against tumors.
Since it is not possible to have a fresh reishi mushroom on hand, here we can find it in powder, in the herbal sector. Reishi powder maintains its immunostimulating properties unaltered and can be used in the kitchen or together with some herbal tea. Reishi powder is very useful when recovering from some flu or when the immune system is low.
Echinacea root herbal tea
The second herb useful for strengthening the immune system is echinacea, specifically its root. A herbaceous plant that has a flower with small and delicate petals and a dome towards the outside. It is a herb that grows spontaneously in many regions of Italy.
Excellent remedy to strengthen the immune system. The herbal tea root echinacea is a tasty drink, with floral notes, which can also be taken 3 times a week to prevent ailments. If, on the other hand, you have colds or seasonal fevers, the herbal tea root echinacea is able to stimulate the production of white blood cells and treat these infections.
Uncaria tomentosa herbal tea
Among the immunostimulating medicinal herbs we also find the uncaria tomentosa herbal tea. The plant is a climber that is born in tropical forests, but today it is possible to find it in the form of herbal tea, both in filters and in bulk, directly in herbalists.
The uncaria tomentosa herbal tea manages to take in the active ingredients and elements that regulate the production of B and T lymphocytes which are then responsible for the immune defense. Often our body tends to reduce the production of lymphocytes because the body is very stressed or due to a strong stress, so we become easily subject to infections and ailments of various kinds.
Thanks to the use of uncaria tomentosa herbal tea, it is possible to have a regularization and stability of the immune system to never contract illnesses caused by external bacteria and viruses.
Graviola in capsules
Graviola is a plant native to the Antilles, which has spread throughout the tropical belt. A tree that reaches 12 meters in height, with oblong yellow-green flowers. The fruit, from which many useful elements for the body are drawn, is similar to a mango, with a good pulp and particularly large and sweet.
Currently, to help regulate the low immune defenses, it is recommended to take Graviola in capsules which acts both on the production of white blood cells and lymphocytes, but above all it is able to repair the damage caused by diseases and bacteria.
Graviola in capsules is taken together with plenty of water because in this way the body's tissues and organs are able to absorb it quickly to speed up its benefit.