Medicinal herbs to treat coughs
The season of ailments arrives. In the morning we go out with the Sun, short-sleeved, and in the evening we return with a scarf and jacket. These changes in temperature only lead us to have seasonal ailments and influences which, in the end, can be summed up simply with a series of colds and whooping cough.
Medicinal herbs to treat coughs are a godsend and therefore also an optimal aid for a homeopathic treatment that is also helpful for children and the elderly. This is why we are going to advise which medicinal herbs are used to treat coughs by dividing the characteristics for a greasy cough, dry cough or cough with phlegm.
Medicinal herbs to treat coughs are thyme, anise and eucalyptus. Each one of them leads to guaranteeing excellent continuous help over time and also immediately.
Herbal tea and herbal medicine recipes to treat coughs
A herbal tea and herbal medicine recipes to treat cough are those that always concern fresh or even dried herbs. In practice, it is possible to find both those ready-made mixtures, perhaps made directly by the herbalist who is a pharmaceutical professional or even as regards a personal choice.
The herbal tea and herbal medicine recipes to cure cough that are very good are those that include chamomile and a tablespoon of thyme. Alternatively, there is the mint one combined with eucalyptus leaves. In short, there are many.
For dispassionate advice, here you can contact your trusted herbalist!
Thyme herbal tea
For dry cough, which is a real scourge for the lungs and also because it exhausts the back, here is the thyme herbal tea. It helps to ensure a sedative, calming and relaxing element for the lungs which are able to have greater breathing strength.
The effect of the thyme herbal tea is certainly immediate, after a few minutes there is a calming action that is also useful to quell cough in elderly subjects who can have very unpleasant discomfort and also fatigue that makes them even more fragile and prone subjects. to seasonal ailments.
Eucalyptus herbal tea
As for the cough with phlegm, which is usually the prelude to a real cold or even a strong flu, here is the eucalyptus herbal tea.
Its effects are balsamic and are a godsend for that phlegm that we develop in the body and which leads to a series of lowering of the immune system. In children, eucalyptus herbal tea manages to have a phlegm dissolving action and therefore to have a natural elimination that is not aggressive for the body.
Its perfumes dilate the nostrils and harden the capillaries of the nose. In addition, the fragrances are also able to guarantee an excellent bronchial dilatation vessel, therefore a really "special" help.
Anise herbal tea
As for the fat cough, which is also very annoying and poses a typical problem of respiratory fatigue, aniseed herbal tea is the best solution.
Aniseed herbal tea is very tasty, sweet and balsamic, as pleasant as it is useful. It is very much appreciated by children who have a sweet tooth and therefore offers a really perfect and very pleasant help. A cure that does not taste like a "pharmacy" that offers a quick remedy to the stubby one that often also causes other problems such as widespread pain in the muscles of the back, stomach, lungs and even for the throat.
A passive effect of aniseed herbal tea is the one that also affects the digestive and calming action that allows you to quickly recover strength