Medicinal herbs that cure colds
A cold is one of the characteristic features of winter, we all get sick, some in a light way and some having a series of relapses that are very annoying and unpleasant. This is why there must also be some help from the herbalist side, where it is obviously possible.
Medicinal herbs that cure colds have always been known and have always been a feature of medicine that has progressed over the centuries. In ancient times, the medicinal herbs that cure colds were declared miraculous methods to save the lives of various subjects who were affected by this malaise.
Today, also on the basis of medical discoveries, we prefer to use drugs that are studied in the laboratory, but where there is always or in any case a characteristic or quantity of medicinal herbs that treat colds.
But what are the medicinal herbs that cure colds? Can we also use them privately? Actually yes! They should also know why they offer valuable help.
Eucalyptus herbal tea
Eucalyptus candies are very good, especially for those who love strong flavors, but they are also included in medical medicinal herbs. Eucalyptus herbal tea, for example, is a real balm for the respiratory tract and sore lungs, which may have been affected by phlegm problems.
Specifically, the eucalyptus herbal tea is very fragrant and immediately frees the respiratory tract. Also recommended as a remedy to help quit smoking since, thanks to its tonic compositions, it immediately offers excellent help to be able to invigorate and tone the capillaries of the nostrils.
In fact, the eucalyptus herbal tea is recommended for all those who have cold problems or even asthmatics. In children it becomes a particularly tasty drink that offers the possibility to "cure" them without their being aware of it.
Mint and thyme herbal tea
Mint is also widely used in recipes for preparing meat, while thyme is a herb that goes perfectly with legumes. However, not many are aware that a mint and thyme herbal tea is one of the traditional methods used to treat fevers, asthma problems, colds and even phlegm.
Phlegm problems are caused by a cold that is slowly but surely wearing down our immune system. Being then an element that exhausts us and totally deteriorates us, both in the physical and in the mental states, because it leads us to have uncontrolled fever states. The mint and thyme herbal tea offers immediate help, an excellent antibiotic that is completely natural and that helps to eradicate this disease.
Using the mint and thyme herbal tea up to 4 times a day, in very severe cases, we have a resolution of the feverish state and colds that comes in a few days. Also recommended for the first flu states.
Chamomile tea
Who among us has never had the advice to use chamomile tea to make a good sleep or to calm a fever? In reality it is a remedy that is now traditional, but worldwide.
Chamomile tea, when fresh or dried for just 3 months, offers an excellent remedy for dry cough and fat cough.
The active ingredients that are characterized in this flower, lead to calm the muscles and lungs, in order to guarantee a sedative action that is "natural", continuous and therefore optimal. In fact, also thanks to its very delicate flavor, as soon as we take this chamomile herbal tea we start to feel better.
It is recommended for children and the elderly who often need to relax just a cough that tends to exhaust the body.