Natural remedies to digest
Digestion is important, our ancestors knew, who thought it was in the stomach that thoughts develop, but we also know that we have to fight with slowed digestion due to too many low-calorie foods.
There are many drugs that boast excellent help, but this is not always the case. Sometimes there are active ingredients to which our stomach reacts with an increase in acidity, but how about using natural remedies to digest?
By using natural remedies to digest, you are guaranteed to be able to take advantage of an intake and absorption that is completely easy for our body and therefore also benefits the elimination of any toxins.
The stimulation of gastric juices and also of various elements of the liver, leads to guarantee an excellent digestion and to decrease the appearance of pathology such as reflux or the strong acidity that often distinguishes the sickness of the elderly.
Medicinal herbs help digestion
There are medicinal herbs that help digestion, but what are they? The most famous, which we can mention in a short list, are:
- Chamomile
- Mint
- Gentian
They contain essential oils, principles and fructose, a natural sugar, which manages to rebalance the intestinal flora and therefore stimulate digestion. An important thing is not to have or create an excessive stimulation of the gastric juices which then lead to a strong acidity.
Medicinal herbs aid digestion and have also helped create a number of digestives that are still highly valued by the new generations.
Chamomile herbal tea
The herbal tea chamomile offers a floral flavor, particularly sweet and very tasty. It has to do with an optimal aid for digestion that also induces sleep. Obviously, it is recommended for everything related to stomach problems, but we can say that it is also calming with regard to colic.
There are people who actually manage to get relief only with a good herbal tea chamomile. However, it is better not to overdo the doses. You simply need one herbal tea a day to immediately have a calming just aimed at the stomach and digestion.
Mint herbal tea
Didn't chamomile satisfy you? Then try the mint herbal tea to control and rebalance your stomach. Mint has a more sedative effect and therefore you are guaranteed to have immediate action for any cramps.
Also recommended when you have poor digestion which relates to nervous poor digestion. When we are very nervous or agitated, we have stomach cramps and absolutely nothing can be digested.
Mint herbal tea has an anesthetic and absolutely sedative effect, so it helps you to have a block of these cramps that affect the stomach walls. In case of muscle spasms in the digestive walls, mint is the one that offers an ideal and completely natural solution.
Gentian herbal tea
Among the digestive aids here is the gentian herbal tea. Its active ingredients help to develop help with regards to infections that are contracted in the stomach.
Have you contracted stomach flu? Do you have a food intolerance that has damaged your stomach walls, irritating them? Gentian herbal tea is the best remedy you can find on the market.
It offers a disinfected and calming, but also anti-inflammatory action. This means that by taking gentian herbal tea you have an ideal remedy that is even better than some drugs that might increase stomach irritation rather than eliminate it.
As you can see, the proposed solutions are all close at hand and all 100% natural!