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Calendula herbal tea formed by 1 kg

Calendula herbal tea formed by 1 kg
Calendula herbal tea formed by 1 kg
Calendula herbal tea formed by 1 kg
Calendula herbal tea formed by 1 kg
Calendula herbal tea formed by 1 kg
Calendula herbal tea formed by 1 kg
Calendula herbal tea formed by 1 kg
Calendula herbal tea formed by 1 kg
Calendula herbal tea formed by 1 kg

Calendula herbal tea

The marigold flower is very beautiful because it has a color of various shades of yellow and orange, but where we also find various uses that affect the care of one's health.

In fact, when we talk about a Calendula herbal tea it is good to know that, in addition to its flavor which is very particular, floral and delicate, we can also draw different nutrients and active ingredients that also help our beauty.

A small curiosity, which revolves around the herbal tea Calendula, concerns that of the harvest. To have a very tasty Marigold herbal tea, which is also full of useful nutrients, they must be harvested in the morning since, this type of plant, tends to "fall asleep" at night, and before blossoming again for the day, it retains a large amount of essential oils and active ingredients.

This allows you to have a Calendula herbal tea that is really good, tasty, because its taste becomes more pronounced, and then you also have to do with an intense color.

The flavor of this herbal tea is delicate and floral, also suitable for children who are undertaking a completely natural cure

Marigold property

Calendula has properties against asthma, breathing problems, phlegm, bronchitis and pneumonia. You would never have thought that such a beautiful flower was also an excellent remedy to increase the immune system.

In the Calendula anti-inflammatory properties that allow you to have a help also for the organs, such as the liver, which are irritated or inflamed and therefore do not have the right balance with regard to the production of bile.

In its petals, but in general throughout its corolla, we find a series of essential oils, similar to those of the sunflower, which are then increased by the presence of flavonides and tannins. As proof of this, we find its bitter taste which is a sort of proof of freshness.

In fact, Calendula has useful properties for health, but where you must still have a sort of accentuated "flavor" to be sure that there are still nutrients because, very often, only petals that are excessively "dry" are on sale. "And devoid of everything, both flavor and nutrients.

How to prepare the Calendula herbal tea

The delicacy of this product, since we are talking about a corolla of flower petals, is particularly difficult to "cook", in the sense that if you use excessive heat, you have the problem of taking all the active ingredients. and essential oils. In fact, the heat creates a sort of crumbling of the molecules and therefore there is only colored hot water which is not very useful.

For how to prepare the Calendula herbal tea, a simple procedure must be carried out, but which is still meticulous and where particular attention must be paid.

In the "ritual" that concerns the question of "how to prepare the Calendula herbal tea", the water must be boiled, even over high heat, so that it boils quickly. Afterwards, it turns off and pours two tablespoons of calendula into it. Cover the saucepan and let it cool.

Only in this way can you be sure of having a herbal tea with a good color, excellent flavor and rich in all the nutrients available.

Calendula herbal tea for sale

Calendula herbal tea is even on sale in some florists. In reality it is also possible to recreate it by yourself with a spontaneous cultivation of this plant. Surely, when you have the hobby of gardening, having marigold flowers which we then go to drink in the form of herbal tea is a great satisfaction.

However, if you are looking for a remedy against lung problems, here is the possibility of having the Calendula herbal tea for sale directly in herbal medicine or on the internet.

Calendula flowers cut herbal tea

Properties: used as a remedy in atonic stomach diseases, stimulants, against nervous hysteria

due to suffering from menstrual irregularities, good diaphoretics in cases of flu and diseases of children.

Preparation: 5 grams in 100 ml of boiling water, let stand 5 minutes, drink 2/3 cups a day.

External use: 5 grams infused in distilled water is used for baths for inflamed eyes and is also moisturizing.

The packs with the decoction always obtained with 5 grams in 100 ml of water, for the antiseptic properties and

healing, they are effective in burns, chilblains and boils.

Contents: 1 kg of whole first choice marigold flowers

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