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Lavender powder 500 gram pack

Lavender powder 500 gram pack
Lavender powder 500 gram pack
Lavender powder 500 gram pack
Lavender powder 500 gram pack
Lavender powder 500 gram pack
Lavender powder 500 gram pack
Lavender powder 500 gram pack
Lavender powder 500 gram pack
Lavender powder 500 gram pack
Lavender powder 500 gram pack
Lavender powder 500 gram pack

Lavender powder

Herbal products can be found in the form of dried, fresh, partially dried and powdered products. This is to have a different properties and nutrients that are contained within them, so as to keep them for a long time.

Among the most popular products, we find powdered lavender which, unlike what is believed, manages to keep some essential oils and even active ingredients unchanged, for a long time, especially if they are totally pulverized.

Powdered lavender is able to guarantee greater absorbency of its fibers and can be kept for a long time. It does not suffer from an attack by bacteria or other pathogens, so it is a useful product for those who are not regular consumers, but who have powdered lavender to use sporadically.

We also consider that powdered lavender is also a highly digestible product that does not overload the body.

Lavender powder properties

In the powder lavender nerve calming properties, in the sense that it fully supports the nerves and manages to relax them. This helps to have better circulation even in snowy centers.

Antispasmodic and also used in case of dizziness or pressure drops. Lavender powder has specific properties for those who suffer from migraines, headaches or even for problems with nausea and vomiting. Just aches and pains that are often caused by small "jams" in the nervous system.

Soothing also for the heart, as well as for subjects who are subjected to great periods of stress, the lavender powder properties that are however supportive for users who continually have these problems.

Undoubtedly it is an anti-inflammatory, analgesic and antibacterial. In fact, it is also recommended when you have feverish states that derive from external viruses and bacteria. In the past, its leaves and flowers were also used as a healing agent or to remove sores and wounds that had pus.

For beauty care, lavender powder has decongestant and cleansing properties that are able to deeply cleanse the skin in order to also guarantee an improvement in cell regeneration. In short, it can also be used as a beauty mask.

Lavender powder preparation

Would you like to know some methods for homemade lavender powder preparation? then just take bunches of this plant, wash them very well and then let them dry.

However, a very dry environment is needed that prevents bacteria or molds from damaging it and therefore also damaging the nutrients that are there. You can also carry out another procedure for DIY lavender powder preparation, that of drying it in the oven, but the essential oils will still be burned, so we are not talking about a product that then remains very good for future use.

At this point it is minced in order to have its powder. However, it is always advisable to prefer the packaged product which is certainly the most prudent choice for quality and goodness.

Lavender powder where I find it

A question that many people ask is: where can I find powdered lavender? Indeed, not all herbalists have this product and even organic shops are often out of stock, but why do you prefer to have the dried product, even without knowing that lavender powder is an optimal product.

To answer the question: where do I find powdered lavender? We prefer to talk about a search directly on the internet, also considering the many shops that specialize in herbal sales. THE

e-commerce products are very good and controlled, the quality, as well as the costs are convenient and economical. Lavender powder


It is recognized for its calming and relaxing virtues.

Selected with the finest lavender flowers, this powder is of the highest natural quality.

Excellent for the skin, it treats acne and effectively fights parasites such as lice.

Ingredients: powdered lavender flowers

Pack of 500 grams

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