As soon as the temperatures drop, the first cases of colds make the news. With the change of season, the cold occurs especially during the winter months in which, as the cold progresses, seasonal ailments must be dealt with immediately.
To help you take care of yourself during the colder months, we at Erbologica want to recommend the most effective natural cold remedies.
Symptoms: from a runny nose to a persistent cold
The cold occurs in the months when temperatures drop and is recognized by the most common symptoms, such as nasal congestion, frequent sneezing, the feeling of general malaise and sore throat accompanied by cough.
The cold virus is easily spread by air and by contact, especially in crowded places. To prevent it, it is advisable to follow good and correct daily hygiene and strengthen the immune system with the right amount of vitamins and nutrients.
When you find yourself battling unpleasant cold symptoms, your doctor's recommendations are paramount first and, as an adjunct, you can follow our advice on natural remedies for strong and mild colds.
One of the most common symptoms of colds is a runny nose, the natural remedies that can help are the natural nasal decongestant that helps to get rid of excess mucus. In addition, it is possible to make natural cold aerosols, for example, with the essential oils of chamomile or lavender to soothe the nasal mucosa.
Natural remedies for colds: effective infusions and herbal teas
If you wonder "what can I get for a cold" and want to know natural remedies, you are in the right place.
To take care of yourself before and during the development of cold symptoms there are several products and natural remedies that you can use. For example, the infusions and herbal teas with our officinal herbs are rich in nutrients and active ingredients that provide a great help to our body when it is subjected to stress.
Let's see, therefore, which herbal tea for colds you can consume to immediately get the feeling of relief.
• Ginger powder or root ginger for an anti-inflammatory, disinfectant and calming action. Ginger tea is also recommended in case of a cold during pregnancy.
• Cinnamon Ceylon is a good natural remedy for colds thanks to its stimulating action on the immune system.
• Echinacea is also one of the natural remedies for children's colds, it promotes an immediate sense of well-being and relief.
• Mallow flowers and leaves is an excellent natural remedy to treat cold symptoms; the herbal tea gives a sense of immediate relief for coughs and sore throats.
• Lemon balm has targeted benefits to calm coughs and counteract flu and colds.
• Common thyme whose leaves and flowers are excellent for easily preparing an herbal tea to combat coughs and sore throats. In addition, the infusion can be used to gargle and disinfect the mouth.
• Eucalyptus has been used for generations in case of colds and respiratory tract diseases such as cough and sore throat. In addition, its essential oil is excellent for purifying the air at home, always recommended during seasonal ailments.
• Linden also benefits the ailments of seasonal ailments, in fact it is able to calm coughs, sore throats and promotes the elimination of phlegm.
Choose the right product for you, recover from the physical and mental fatigue caused by colds and rediscover the sense of harmony and well-being with Erbologica's natural cold remedies.
The information contained in this article is given for the sole purpose of information and does not in any way replace the prescription of a doctor. We recommend that you consult your doctor and / or specialist regarding any doubt or indication.