Sore throat is often caused by inflammation, which may be more or less severe, of the oropharynx area. This problem is very common when it is cold, but also in the changes of season, to be careful because it can be a symptom of pharyngitis. Usually, in most cases it manifests itself in an acute form, especially if it immediately presents with severe pain.
What are the symptoms of a red and sore throat?
Symptoms of sore throat start from a burning pain in the throat itself. Because of the pain, those who suffer from it may have some difficulty in swallowing food but also drinks. In severe cases, the pain can also cause discomfort in the daily action of swallowing saliva. It is usually a symptom of some viral diseases, such as the flu and cold. Sore throat can also be caused by other factors, such as:
• cigarette smoke;
•air conditioning;
• streptococcal bacterial infections.
What types of natural remedies are there?
If you happen to have mild inflammation, or a hint of inflammation, there are several natural remedies that can be effective:
• Propolis, which has a strong antimicrobial action, can be used;
• you can take advantage of balsamic based on mint, menthol and eucalyptus, because they bring a refreshing and soothing action;
• the classic honey, which thanks to its antiseptic properties, can also be used in a chamomile, in hot milk or in a drink that improves the sore throat;
• gargling with lemon, this is because it is a strong antibacterial, which provides Vitamin C, the latter being useful against various ailments.
• gargle with water and salt;
• make an infusion of sage and thyme, which has strong antibacterial properties;
• make a decoction of laurel and licorice, which has anti-inflammatory and softening properties;
• licorice sticks, if chewed, disinfect and relieve the discomfort caused by burning in the throat;
• herbal tea based on cinnamon and pepper;
• a mountain pine syrup, which has a balsamic and decongestant effect.
What else to take or do for a sore throat?
Another remedy, to put an end to the burning of the throat and make sure to use a natural anti-inflammatory, could be to use essential oils, which have many antiseptic and decongestant properties, moreover, they relieve discomfort. Essential oils can be placed inside modern room diffusers, but also ingested, simply by putting a few drops in a teaspoon of honey. The best balsamic essential oil is eucalyptus oil, because it relieves discomfort and helps refresh the mucous membranes. Another widely used oil, not only for the throat, is tea tree oil, which is used for its antibacterial properties and especially for its anti-inflammatory properties. We can then use mint, thanks to its antiseptic properties, which give relief in case of inflammation. The same thing as eucalyptus applies to thyme, which decongests and soothes the reddened mucous membranes.
What is best to do and what is best to avoid for a sore throat?
When a person is affected by pharyngitis or laryngitis, there are always things to do and some that must be avoided, certainly the first to do is to drink plenty of water throughout the day, in order to subside the inflammation and be able to hydrate the body. In the case of smokers, it is always a good idea to avoid and, therefore, stop smoking during the period of sore throat. Another important thing to do is to take care of your diet, especially during the days, in order to heal faster. Another good habit, in case you have a severe sore throat, is to avoid doing sports in environments that are too humid or, on the contrary, too dry. It becomes useful to have a dehumidifier in the room, in order to dry the walls from any humidity. Another solution could be to add a few drops of essential oil inside the essence diffusers but, in case of absence, they can be placed in the humidifiers of the radiators.