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Psyllium cuticle powder 100 grams

Psyllium cuticle powder 100 grams
Psyllium cuticle powder 100 grams
Psyllium cuticle powder 100 grams
Psyllium cuticle powder 100 grams
Psyllium cuticle powder 100 grams
Psyllium cuticle powder 100 grams
Psyllium cuticle powder 100 grams
Psyllium cuticle powder 100 grams
Psyllium cuticle powder 100 grams

Psyllium cuticle powder

The first to be interested and to catalog the many medicinal properties of plants, seeds, flowers, bark and roots, were the friars, hermits and all the clergy in general. It must be said that they did not discover officinal herbs, in reality they transcribed their use also on the basis of cultures and lessons handed down orally that were known among farmers and rural countries.

In the past psyllium cuticle powder was widely used because it was a "spice" that grew spontaneously and this allowed everyone, rich and poor, to have it in their own kitchen. A seed that is certainly very useful as regards the treatment of certain pathologies.

We also find psyllium cuticle powder as an ingredient in some recipes of bread, desserts and more. The beauty of this seed, because it is a seed, similar to poppy seeds, is that it has a use against constipation.

Psyllium cuticle powder is also used mixed with other flours where pastes are created which are then very good to eat during the week and which then help to purify the intestine.

Benefits cuticle psyllium

In psyllium cuticle specific benefits, we note that it is actually used for constipation problems. This discomfort does not arise only from a poor diet, as is often thought, but from an abnormality of the intestinal functions where the stomach walls are unable to move to be able to reduce the foods we ate.

Psyllium benefits cuticle which are to regulate the metabolic mechanism. In addition to this, the psyllium cuticle benefits which are against anal fissures and also against hemorrhoids which are always problems caused by constipation.

By having fibers that are soluble and particularly soft, it limits the stress of the colon and helps to have a safe relief for these aches.

Inside we find an oil that has soothing characteristics. Once you start taking, already after a few hours, there is a reduction in intestinal gas and perfect digestion is recovered. Thinking that

its benefits are also useful for children suffering from colitis or recovering from intestinal fever.

Psyllium cuticle how to use it

There are many uses of herbs, psyllium cuticle how to use it to optimize its functions is to first evaluate its composition. If you have a powder product, then use it by combining it with biscuit recipes, bread doughs and even pizzas. In fact, its flavor is so delicate that in the end it does not disturb other ingredients or damage the recipes.

How to use psyllium cuticle to have an action that is against nausea and to increase the intestinal flora, which is often the main problem for constipation? Then you take the seeds and create a good recipe that has a delicate aroma, but useful for digestion.

Psyllium cuticle powder for sale

Psyllium powder is a product that we often find for sale in health food stores. After all, it is also logical that these shops sell it considering that it is a medicinal plant.

However, psyllium cuticle powder on sale in pharmacies is also a good quality product as it is used as a medical treatment for certain ailments and problems. Also recommended for pregnant women as it limits nausea and vomiting sensations.

The online sale that offers psyllium cuticle powder for direct sale guarantees a quality product and good nutritional elements. Of course, always pay attention to what the item descriptions are.Psyllium cuticle powder

Pack of 100 grams

Our herbs are packaged in a protective atmosphere or in a vacuum to preserve the active ingredients naturally contained in the plant from oxidation.

The product is COMPLETELY NATURAL and GMO FREE. The residue is not edible.

Erbologica offers traditionally grown herbs and guaranteed and certified wild herbs

Only safe and effective products.

Before being placed on the market, the products must pass a careful analysis of microbiology, pesticides, heavy metals, radioactivity and aflatoxins. Once all these tests have been carried out, the products pass our quality control and are marketed.

N.B. The product can also be consumed cold and maintains its properties unchanged.

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