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Red tea


Erbologica offers a wide selection of red tea with an intense and naturally sweet flavor, which can be enjoyed both hot and cold.

Red tea is also known as rooibos tea, originating from the Cederberg. Unlike the other variants of tea, rooibos is obtained from the leaves of Aspalathus Linearis.

This drink is famous for its tonic and relaxing properties. It is also rich in vitamin C, minerals and zinc; it is therefore also useful for strengthening nails and hair. The high presence of flavonoids makes rooibos one of the most powerful natural antioxidants.

Red tea is also ideal for its digestive properties and is a natural antispasmodic, therefore its calming benefits are recommended for those with stomach discomfort.

Brand: erbologica amazonas andes Model: terob100
Properties of rooibois red teaHave you ever had stomach problems or cramps, sometimes taken for nervousness or stress, where you are advised to drink tea? But then perhaps by taking tea the acidity of the stomach increases and then you then become wary of this product.In reality, not all types of te..
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