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Hydroalcoholic extracts


The hydroalcoholic extract, more commonly known as mother tincture, is a mixture of alcohol and medicinal herbs used to extract all the active ingredients of the plant, creating a substance rich in useful properties for the organism and the body. The hydroalcoholic extract is usually used to treat acute ailments, since thanks to its strong and fast effect they act effectively, but depending on the plant of origin it can have different beneficial effects for both the body and the mind.


As already mentioned above, there is a specific mother tincture for each of our ailments, from depression to headaches to joint pain, and this thanks to the wide range of medicinal herbs that nature offers us.

the mother tincture of lavender and guarana are among the best in circulation, in fact they are used as tonics for the nervous system, to calm dizziness and headache pains, but that's not all. Thanks to their numerous properties, lavender and guarana are also used to relieve gastro-intestinal problems such as flatulence; calm insomnia and relieve ailments such as cough, cold, flu.

Another good hydroalcoholic extract is St. John's wort, which when applied externally, offers an antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effect, while used orally it becomes excellent as an antidepressant. It can be used for the treatment of mild and moderate depression, but also for depression due to menopause. It is also able to increase serotonin levels, rebalancing the mood.

Black alder buds hydroglycerol alcoholic solution Black alder buds hydroglycerol alcoholic solution
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Brand: erbologica amazonas andes Model: solidron-re
Black alder buds hydroglycerol-alcoholic solutionIngredients: glycerin, ethyl alcohol, water, black alder buds, 1 mlAdvice for use: 40-50 drops 2 times a day, for a total of 80-100 drops, preferably before main mealsContents: hydroglycerol-alcoholic solution of black alder buds 50 mlSold by herbal a..
Brand: erbologica amazonas andes Model: camtint-50
Chamomile mother tinctureA herb we all know, recommended by grandparents, parents and anyone who wants to give their medical support, for all existing ailments, is chamomile. In reality it has been used so much and has a very strong reputation that it is often used for everything, even when you don'..
Echinacea mother tincture Echinacea mother tincture
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Brand: erbologica amazonas andes Model: echtint-50
Echinacea mother tinctureHerbal products are many and different, but they are designed and structured according to the plant or flower that is being treated. Echinacea is a flower, a plant that has unique characteristics that are really very useful.The herbal tea is widely used, but it offers a slow..
Epilobium mother tincture Epilobium mother tincture
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Brand: erbologica amazonas andes Model: eptin-50
Epilobium mother tinctureAmong the many flowers that are beautiful to have at home or in the garden, but which then hide medical benefits, there is the epilobium. The name is certainly not familiar, but clearly speaking, who knows all the scientific and identifying names of plants? Surely you have s..
Brand: erbologica amazonas andes Model: tint-mirt
Hydroalcoholic mother tincture blueberry berriesBlueberries have many properties that are useful for the strength of the arteries, for the speed of healing and epidermal reconstruction. This is why the blueberry mother tincture was created, but which some do not know.Better than the classic iodine t..
Brand: erbologica amazonas andes Model: malvtint-50
Mauve mother tinctureThe flowers are very beautiful because they give the atmosphere of spring. They have a palliative effect to put us in a good mood, just look at them and here you feel better. However, there are some small flowers, especially those in the field, which are very, very beneficial.Ma..
Pino Silvestre hydroalcoholic solution 50 ml Pino Silvestre hydroalcoholic solution 50 ml
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Brand: erbologica amazonas andes Model: solidrpin50-re
Pino Silvestre hydroalcoholic solutionProperties: well-being of the respiratory tract, balsamic effect.Ingredients: water, ethyl alcohol, Scots pine bud 10%Dosage: 20-40 drops a day 2-3 times a day in a little water.Content: 50 ml packErbologica Amazonas Andes international herbalist..
Brand: erbologica amazonas andes Model: tint-unc50
Uncaria tomentosa hydroalcoholic mother tinctureMedicinal or medical herbs are easily found with spontaneous growth. The Mediterranean scrub is also very rich in many products that are used in traditional medicine and among these we find the Uncaria tormentosa.The romantic name was changed from the ..
Roman chamomile hydroalcoholic solution 50 ml Roman chamomile hydroalcoholic solution 50 ml
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Brand: erbologica amazonas andes Model: camidr50-re
Roman chamomile hydroalcoholic solutionProperties: digestive function, mental relaxation, contrast of menstrual cycle disorders.Dosage: 20 to 40 drops 2 times a day in a little water.Ingredients: water, ethyl alcohol, Roman chamomile 10%Content of 50 mlSold by herbal amazonas andes international her..
Rosemary mother tincture Rosemary mother tincture
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Brand: erbologica amazonas andes Model: tinros-50
Rosemary mother tinctureLovers of rosemary today it is also possible to find the mother tincture rosemary, but for what use? Do not think of some roast that is then flavored with this rosemary liquid, not because it cannot be used, but because the flavor becomes very intense, even too much.It is tru..
Brand: erbologica amazonas andes Model: sertin-50
Serenoa mother tincturePalms are becoming a common type of vegetation in Italy. Blame the tropicalization and a greater ease of adaptation of some of these plants.Among those that are common and that have many herbal properties and benefits, we find the serenoa. The name may not be very well known, ..
Brand: erbologica amazonas andes Model: spactin-50
Stonebreaker mother tinctureWalking up the mountain, on rocky cliffs or in naturist paths with a large amount of stones, you may encounter the "stone breaker". We are talking about a plant, indeed a herb that has been known for centuries and centuries for its many healing qualities that has a curiou..
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