Passionflower herbal tea: here are the calming properties you need to know
Passionflower herbal tea is one of the natural remedies useful to promote relaxation and to help sleep. This plant is one of the natural relaxants and has useful properties to naturally counteract anxiety, sleep difficulties and nervousness. Let's find out better.
Passionflower plant
Passiflora incarnata is a climbing plant used above all for its sedative properties which help to calm agitation and difficulty sleeping. The latter also possesses antispasmodic properties, useful precisely for relaxing muscle contraction, such as that present in the intestinal tract. The dried passionflower flower and, in general, the aerial part, is often used to make relaxing herbal teas.
Passionflower property
Passiflora incarnata is a plant belonging to the Passifloraceae family, traditionally known for its calming, sedative and antispasmodic properties. In particular, we know the effects of the alkaloid - passiflorine - which contributes to this plant's ability to help us in case of insomnia, anxiety and stress. Furthermore, overall its effects derive from the phytocomplex present in its composition.
Passionflower for sleeping and more
The benefits of the passion flower plant are manifold. It is excellent among herbal teas for sleeping, but it is also good to know that it is traditionally used to relieve:
• Agitation
• Nervousness
• Anxiety
• Difficulty falling asleep
• Gastrointestinal discomfort resulting from nervousness
Passiflora drops
With this plant you can often find homeopathic drops, which can be taken in case of agitation, to promote sleep or to relieve gastrointestinal discomfort that occurs with nervousness.
Passionflower for sleeping: relaxing herbal teas
Medicinal herbs are a natural remedy to combat anxiety, stress and sleep disorders. Plants such as passion flower are the ideal component for preparing relaxing herbal teas with the aim of calming states of minor agitation, stress and to help sleep.
Relaxing herbal teas are composed of dried leaves and flowers of plants that have active ingredients capable of promoting a relaxing and sedative action.
Passionflower can also be consumed in addition to other relaxing plants such as:
• Chamomile
• Hawthorn
• Linden
• Valerian
These plants are also renowned for their relaxing properties that can aid sleep and relieve mild agitation disorders.
We also want to emphasize that passionflower is not free from contraindications, so if you are in conditions such as pregnancy we always recommend that you contact your doctor for any indications.
Take a moment to take care of yourself and enjoy an evening herbal tea with calming properties.
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The information contained in this article is given for the sole purpose of information and does not in any way replace the prescription of a doctor. We recommend that you consult your doctor and / or specialist regarding any doubt or indication.