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Natural aphrodisiacs and energizers

During the day we are constantly in action, both mentally and physically, to face all the challenges and commitments that arise in work and in private life.

To reduce the sense of fatigue caused by stress, you can rely on excellent natural energizing products, which thanks to their properties help you face the day without difficulty.

Natural aphrodisiac foods act as vasodilators or stimulate the sense of smell by awakening the sexual desire that has fallen asleep. A natural aphrodisiac works by stimulating the libido in both men and women, to experience sensational moments of pleasure with your partner.


Nature offers us all its help to reduce stress thanks to excellent natural remedies and natural products that act in the same way as chemical supplements, sometimes offering an excellent aphrodisiac effect.

What are the benefits that energizing products bring to the body?

- They help to increase concentration and improve memory

- They bear many vitamins and minerals

-They help to revitalize a weakened body

- They stimulate the production of adrenaline

-Help reduce tiredness and fatigue

Brand: erbologica amazonas andes Model: macner120
BENEFITS:Maca root (Lepidium Peruvianum) is considered a natural nutrient, which increases resistance to disease, strengthens the immune system, and relieves other very common ailments such as stress and fatigue.It contains a number of biologically active compounds which are responsible for many ben..
Brand: erbologica amazonas andes Model: macner500
BENEFITS:Black maca is a plant that has many nutrients and active ingredients within its root that also propagate inside the fruit. Finding the root is often difficult, so you can opt for other supplement maca formats such as, for example, black maca powder.Maca powder has all the nutrients and acti..
100 capsule red maca 100 capsule red maca
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Brand: Inkanat Model: macroscap1
BENEFITS:Since ancient times, maca has been used to counteract physical fatigue, give vigor and stimulate couple relationships with benefits for male and female prosperity. Maca is a tuber growing at 3,500 meters in Peru.There are several types of natural maca, defined by the color of the root. The ..
Brand: erbologica amazonas andes Model: catcortplv-100
Powdered Catuaba barkBENEFITS:The powdered Catuaba bark, a tree native to the Amazon, is today one of the herbal elements most requested by consumers.Catuaba is rich in alkaloids, catuabins A, B and C, mineral salts (calcium, magnesium), and is a natural aphrodisiac because they increase libido. Spe..
120 tablets black maca 120 tablets black maca
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Brand: erbologica amazonas andes Model: maccomp1
BENEFITS:The Peruvian maca boasts important properties that are able to reduce stress and fatigue. It is usually used mostly in periods of very intense effort when our body needs more energy and nutrients. The energizing action of maca tablets manages to fortify the body, giving it strength and vigo..
Brand: erbologica amazonas andes Model: macpol1kg
BENEFITS:Maca powder is a food that has many beneficial properties that help our health. It is taken very simply and the body absorbs it quickly.This energizing substance is derived from the roots of maca, in addition to the powder form you can also buy maca in capsules. If you opt for capsules, as ..
Brand: erbologica amazonas andes Model: macaross-1000
BENEFITS:Red maca is a tuber originally from Peru and is also used in South America as an ingredient in local cuisine. Today the Peruvian maca is also known in Europe due to its benefits for the body and mind.The quality of supplement maca is closely linked to the harvest of the maca root, which mus..
Brand: erbologica amazonas andes Model: macner3-re
BENEFITS:Maca powder is considered an adaptogen, meaning it helps the body to increase resistance to disease and fight stress, it is an energizer and aphrodisiac. It is advisable to take Maca even in a recovery phase after a feverish state, because it offers excellent support to the immune system. I..
Brand: erbologica amazonas andes Model: macpol3-re
BENEFITS:In the Chibcha language, the Peruvian maca means "good food". Maca powder is made from maca root that grows to more than 3,000m in height in central Peru. This tuber is characterized by its extraordinary virtues of supporting health, prosperity and restoring vigor to the mind and body.Today..
Brand: erbologica amazonas andes Model: ma500pol
BENEFITS:Commonly known as Lepidium Peruvianum, the Peruvian maca has an ancient history and is appreciated above all for its extraordinary virtues to maintain and invigorate health, support prosperity and restore strength to the immune system.Maca Benefits: Peruvian Maca is adaptogenic, works in pe..
60ml liquid Peruvian Maca 60ml liquid Peruvian Maca
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Brand: Inkanat Model: macliq-60
BENEFITS:Peruvian maca can be consumed in different ways: as a supplement, food and substance to add to tasty recipes.In fact, in its long tradition of production and marketing, its uses are truly manifold. Suffice it to say that this plant native to central Peru has a history of at least 2000 years..
Brand: erbologica amazonas andes Model: ambsem-200
Ambrette seedsBenefitsThey are aphrodisiacs, stimulants, tonic, excitingPreparationThree grams in 100 of boiling water, leave to infuse over the heat for 5 minutes, drink 2 cups a day.External useFor their aroma they are used in perfumeryPack of 200 gramsOrigin: PeruIngredients: whole ambrette seeds..
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